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Zoom Ultra (ZTE AC2726) Modem Unable to be Installed in Windows 7 or Vista, 32/64 Bit OS

Symptom: At the time of installation of ZTE AC2726 modem I get an error message that “Installer.exe has stopped working”.


I am unable to run ZTE AC2726 modem interface after changing regional language in Windows Vista or 7.

Solution: This is a very common problem we usually face at installation of ZTE modem in Windows Vista or upper versions. If any language is selected in regional option except English (United State), then this modem is unable to be installed or run the application (if already installed). Follow the below stages to solve.

1. Click StartControl PanelRegional and Language Options> set English (United State) in Format.

2. Remove the previous installation of Zoom application (which was not successful installed) from Control PanelProgram and Features (Add and Remove Programs in Windows Xp).

3. Now ZTE AC2726 modem will be installed successfully

Citycell Zoom Ultra Plans

Click Here - Zoom Ultra Prepaid Activation Process with ZTE AC2726 Modem.

Click Here - Zoom Ultra Prepaid Activation Process with Huawei EC122 and EC167 Modems.

Citycell Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

Citycell does not provide any incoming or outgoing mail server address. If you are a Citycell user and want to configure your mail in Outlook then try by your mail server configuration. Such as,

Mail Server


Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Your Corporate Mail Server

Incoming mail server: Ask your IT expert
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): Ask your IT expert


Which Citycell Modem You Will Choose for Which Operating System, MAC, Windows, Linux

Operating System
Citycell Modems
Microsoft Windows
ZTE AC2726, ZTE AC682, Huawei EC122, Huawei EC167
Linux Based Operating System
ZTE AC2726, Huawei EC122, Huawei EC167
Huawei EC122, Huawei EC167

Huawei EC122 or EC167 Installed, but Not Showing Any Network Signal or as Modem in Device Manager

Problem: After installation of the driver, modem interface is running but does not get the network bar and shown an error as “The device has been disconnected or is unavailable”,

Model: Huawei EC169, Huawei EC122 and Huawei EC167

Solution: This problem is occurred when the Autorun of Microsoft Windows is disabled by operating system or antivirus. Therefore, the drivers can not configure the device as modem and its ports automatically. To solve this modem, you go to My Computer, right click on Zoom after plug-in the modem in USB and click on Open.

Now click on AutoRun.exe and wait.

Now, you will see a message in taskbar, that new hardware is found and it is configuring.

The modem interface will run automatically and the Network bar will display and you can connect with internet.

Note: If you face such problem, then same processes need to follow after plug in the modem with each USB.

Note: If you get an error message to execute this process then disable the Antivirus settings for temporary.

Citycell Account Balance and Zoom Data Balance Query


  • Dial *120 to listen the bill information.
  • Write bill and send sms to 7678 - to see internet data usage and bill information by sms.
  • Dial *222 - to recharge any Postpaid Cash Card by following voice or IVR instruction.
  • Bill Payment at any Citycell Customer Point / Center.
  • Online Self Care - to check data usage, bill query and more details (note. ask to Helpline 01199121121 about your account number which is required to register in Onlineselfcare).
  • Etop-up - to recharge postpaid account from retailer shop through electric top up.  


  • Dial *811 - to listen prepaid primary account balance.
  • Dial *887 - to get sms of you secondary account or bonus account information.
  • Write usage and send sms to 811 - to see internet data usage and validity information by sms.
  • Dial *887*Hidden number of scratch card - to recharge any Prepaid Aalap Card or scratch card.
  • Dial *888 - to recharge the Aalap Card by following voice or IVR instruction.
  • Etop-up - to recharge prepaid account from retailer shop through electric top up.    

Using Memory Card or Udisk in Alcatel OT356C

The MP3 files which are stored in specific directory of memory care, only are accessible by this handset to play music.

  •  Connect your handset to computer with supplied cable. 
  •  Select phone’s menu “Settings—》Gallery—》Udisk”, you will find a  virtual disk in the PC.
  •  Open the virtual disk to find the music folder.
  •  Copy mp3 files to the music folder. 
  •  Stop Udisk mode. 
  •  Select phone’s menu “Music player” to play MP3 files.

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