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Citycell Account Balance and Zoom Data Balance Query


  • Dial *120 to listen the bill information.
  • Write bill and send sms to 7678 - to see internet data usage and bill information by sms.
  • Dial *222 - to recharge any Postpaid Cash Card by following voice or IVR instruction.
  • Bill Payment at any Citycell Customer Point / Center.
  • Online Self Care - to check data usage, bill query and more details (note. ask to Helpline 01199121121 about your account number which is required to register in Onlineselfcare).
  • Etop-up - to recharge postpaid account from retailer shop through electric top up.  


  • Dial *811 - to listen prepaid primary account balance.
  • Dial *887 - to get sms of you secondary account or bonus account information.
  • Write usage and send sms to 811 - to see internet data usage and validity information by sms.
  • Dial *887*Hidden number of scratch card - to recharge any Prepaid Aalap Card or scratch card.
  • Dial *888 - to recharge the Aalap Card by following voice or IVR instruction.
  • Etop-up - to recharge prepaid account from retailer shop through electric top up.    


  1. CityCell Zoom is FRAUD.

    I activated Ultra 8 plan, which is a UNLIMITED plan from 0100 to 0900 and they cut all my balance repeatedly although I didn't use the service other than that period!

    Also, they say it UNLIMITED plan and PREPAID, but they won't let you connect unless you have SOME balance, and your balance will be empty as a result, even if you don't use the service other than the specified period.

  2. I have written usage and send sms 811 number but could not get any modem number01191845617.plz help me.

  3. Sob mobile operatorer account balance display te dekha jay. kintu citycell e dekha jay na. tara ekhono mandatar amoler system dhore rekheche mane account balance kane diye shunte hoy. Disgusting!

  4. Zoom ultra te remainning balance na dekhiye used data dekhay ja user der jonno osubidha jonok. tader sathe e bepare jogajog koreo soduttor paoa jayna

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  6. Onek kajer ekta information. amar khub dorkar silo ekhon kaj hoise.

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  8. If I want to off Ultra1, then what do I type as a message?

  9. this is correct? Zoom_Off and send to 9666

  10. How can i check my remaining balance through sms? Please help me anybody

  11. Send SMS as "usage" and send to 9666; to check Data Usages Balance

  12. After ten days zoom connection disconnected..used data is nt more than 300 mb.i ve one gb data..what is da problem i dont knw.....modem is whats da problem


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  15. You have arranged an helpful site for the citycell users.

  16. I Don't no How MB Chak My citycell Zoom Ultra. Please Help me Any One.

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  18. In my Zoom Ultra By mistake I forgot to off my zoom account and etop 320 to my account now I see I have not brought the zoom package Ultra 1. and the 300 is in my account how may I transfer the 300 talk time to Ultra 1 data package


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