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Prepaid Zoom Ultra Activation Process

Prepaid Number Activation and Recharging Process

To activate any prepaid number, you need to recharge a scratch card first.

Dial *887*Hidden Number of Scratch Card

After then you can etopup you account from any nearest Citycell Retailer shop where you will see the below simple.

Prepaid Account Balance Query

Dial *811 from your modem and listen the voice

Prepaid Zoom Ultra Activate Process

Choose an Ultra plan among the plans are being offered, example, ultra1, ultra2, etc.

If you want to activate Ultra1, then, Write sms as ultra1 and send to 9666

Reply SMS: “Dear Customer, thank you for your request for Zoom Ultra activation. Your Zoom Ultra service will be activated within 24 hours. Dial 121 for support.”

You will get a confirmation message after few minutes.

Prepaid Data Balance Query

Write usage and send sms to 811

Reply SMS: “As on 15/07/2011 16:22:59, your zoom usage is: 0.20 MB. Your Zoom package is valid till 01/08/2011 00:00:00”

Prepaid Plan Migration Process

Before activate new plan, just deactivate previous plan by sms

Write zoom off and send to 9666

Reply SMS: “Dear Customer, thank you for your deactivation request. You will receive confirmation SMS within 24 hours. To avoid charging, please do not log in before 24 hours”

After getting confirmation of deactivation, send another sms to activate your desired Ultra plan.

Example, write ultra2 and send to 9666

Modem Interface


If you get a error message like that remote connection was denied because the user name and password is not recognized, the check the below conditions,
·         Prepaid account has Zero balance. Check by dialing *811
·         Data validity is over. Check by sending sms as usage and send to 811
·         Prepaid account has no enough balance to deduct the monthly bundle fee of Ultra plan for next month. Check by dialing *811
·         Check the setting that whether user name and password set as waps and dial number is #777.

Authentication Information to Create a Dialup Connection

Dial number: #777
User Name: waps
Password: waps

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