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ZTE AC30 Pocket Router

Standard Configuration

Device with Battery
USB data cable
Quick User Guide
Warranty card


Network:  CDMA EVDO Rev. A  800MHz
WiFi Band: 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
Dimensions: 99.7mm*53.7mm*13.9mm 3.92in*2.11in*0.55in
Weight: about 80g
Port Interface: Mini USB-B
Indicator Light RED Bright: the voltage of battery is low GREEN
Bright: the voltage of battery is high the battery LED will be turn off once the battery is fully charged when power off and charging
OS Compatibility: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Mac OS 10.7, Linux
WiFi Distance: indoor 30m, outdoor 50m.
Stand by time:  about 100 hours ,
Working  time: about 4 hours
Charging time: 4 to 5 hours

Main Functions

Support Internet.

Install PC Software

Before installing the PC software, please uninstall the driver in your computer.

Step1 ] Insert the router into computer.

Step 2 ] If the installation interface doesn’t open automatically, double-click the CD-ROM icon, and the following interface will appear.

Step 3 ] Double-click the file folder Data, the interface is as following.

Step 4 ] Double-click the icon to install.

Step 5 ] Click Next.

Step 6 ] The Install shield Wizard is installing Mobile Hotspot

Step 7 ] Installing successfully, click Finish

Finish ] After installing successfully, the shortcut icon of PC software will appear on system desktop.

Function Introduction

1 ] Double-click the shortcut icon.

2 ] The main interface is as following.

3] Connect the Internet and login as Administrator .

    Password: admin

4 ] After Login successfully, the software will display this page.

5 ] Quick Setup

6 ] Quick Setup

7] Quick Setup

8] Quick Setup

9] Quick Setup

10] Quick Setup

11] Quick Setup

12] Quick Setup

12] Quick Setup

13] Quick Setup

14] Quick Setup

15] Quick Setup

16] Quick Setup

17] Quick Setup

17] Quick Setup

18] Quick Setup

19] Quick Setup

20] Quick Setup

21] Quick Setup

22] Quick Setup

23] Quick Setup

24] Quick Setup

25] Quick Setup

26] Quick Setup

27] Quick Setup

28] Quick Setup

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