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Register your Citycell number in Facebook

Click here for SignUp or SignIn:

You will access your favorite social networking website Facebook regardless of where you are! Get mobile alerts, post updates and access tons of other Facebook features, all from the convenient location of your Citycell Mobile via Facebook SMS Service.

Step 1]   Send a SMS from your Citycell number by writing as FB and send it to 32665

Step 2] Now you will receive a reply SMS from 32665 port and this SMS will contain the confirmation code

Step 3] Browse the site in computer to login if you already have user id or sign up to create a new user id in Facebook.

Step 4] After sign in the site by computer, go to Account> Account Settings> Mobile and click on Already received a confirmation code?

Step 4] Now insert the Confirmation Code from you mobile to here and click the Confirm button.

Other Way ] Click on Register for Facebook Text Messages and select the Country name and Mobile Carrier name properly and click Next button. Now you will get a confirmation code.

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