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Microsoft Windows Services Need for Dialup Modem

Problem: Few windows services should be in start status neither dialup modem unable to get connection. If these services are disable or in stop status, then the following problems you may face

a)      Dialup connector will not work
b)     If click on Connect of modem interface then no respond and will show a disconnected message
c)      No dialup connection will show in Control Panel> Network Connection.
d)  Modem not configuring and take times to configure

Solution: To solve this problem you have to start these services by following below statement,

Click on Start> right click on My Computer> click on Manage.

Now select the service which is required to start, right click on the service and click on Properties.

Now, select Startup type as Automatic and click on Star button. Click Apply.

Now check the service status as below,

The list of services are,

1.  Telephony      // Must in Active status
2.   Remote Access Auto Connection Manager   // Must in Active status
3.   Remote Access Connection Manager    // Must in Active status
4.   Network Connection    // Must in Active status
5.   Routing and Remote Access
6.   Removable Storage
7.   Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
8.   Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
9.   Remote Registry
10. Plug and Play
11. Universal Plug and Play Device Host
12. Logical Disk Manager
13. Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service
14. Computer Service
15. Windows Installer 
16. Windows Management Instrumentation


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