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Unable to browse reason of proxy server

You may face a problem that modem installed properly, dialup connection ok, pinging the web site, but unable to browse any web page by Internet Explorer or Firebox and showing the below message as “The proxy server is refusing connections”.

This is a Proxy server related problem and need to configure individual Web Browser.

Mozilla Firebox

For Mozilla Firebox> (Menu bar) Tools> Options> Advanced> Settings > Select No Proxy option.

Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer (Menu bar) Tools> Internet Options> Connections Tab> LAN Settings… > Unmark the option Use a proxy server for LAN and tick mark Automatically detect settings.

Google Chrome

Customize and Control Google Chrome > Preferences

Click on Change Proxy Settings... button and select Direct Internet Connection


Click Opera > Settings > Preferences

Now click on Advanced tab > Network >  Proxy Servers...


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