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Modem installation by Driver Files (.inf) in Windows Version

This installation procedure usually is followed for two reasons,

a) When we are going to install mobile handset as a modem in laptop or desktop pc.
b) The vendors of the modem provide driver files (.inf files based on different category of windows version) rather than an exe file to setup.

Follow the below statements to install modem from driver files (.inf) and create a Dailup connection to connect with internet.

Step 1]. Please click the right button on My Computer and click on Manage

Step 2]. Click on Device Manager and we will get two unknown Data Interface devices in Other devices. Note: Unknown modem is recognized as a Data Interface in Microsoft Windows OS.

Step 3]. Right click on Data Interface and click on Update Driver… to install the appropriate driver for the device.

Step 4]. Now, Hardware Update Wizard will be opened. Select Install from a list or specific location (Advance) and click Next button.

Step 5]. Select Search for the best driver in this location and click the Browse button to select the location of driver file. Click Next.

Note: Check the below picture, here three different folders are available. One is WinXp contents driver files for Windows Xp, another is Win Vista contents for Windows Vista and another one is Win2K contains driver files for Windows 7. This is the common way that followed by most vendor to provide their device drivers.

Step 6]. Click Continue Anyway button and wait for a few seconds,

Step 7]. Now you will get successful message of device installation

Step 8]. Same way install other Data Interface(s) and we will get all recognized devices (modem and ports)

Step 9]. Once the driver was installed please go to Control Panel and choose Phone and Modem Options to confirm whether modem installed properly or not.

Step 10]. Now, create a dailup connection to get internet connection. Click here to see the procedures to create a dailup connection in Windows.

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