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ZTE AC682 Modem Installation in MAC Operating System

Follow the following steps to install ZTE A682 modem in MAC operating system,

Stage 1]  When we insert the modem in USB port, a CD-ROM will appear named as Zoom.

Stage 2]  Now, we need to click the file, Zoom Modem Driver Installer 1.00.

Stage 3] Click the Continue button.

Stage 4] When you click the Close Button, the “Zoom“ CDROM will disappear from desktop, this means AC682 device has switched to modem mode

Stage 5] Now click the system preference > Network, then we will get the following dialog box,

Stage 5] You can find “ZTE EVDO Modem” in here. Write the telephone number is as #777 and user name and password both is as waps,

Stage 6] Now we have to click the “Advanced” button to configure the Modem and select the
Modem model as ewcdmaModem

Stage 7] Go back to the Network, click the Apply button to apply your change,

Stage 8] Now configuration is finished. You can try to use ZTE EVDO Modem to connect the network. If the connection is succeed, it shows in below picture,

Stage 9] Now you can browse.

Note:  If we have installed the “Zoom! Modem Driver”,we can find “uninstall Zoom! Modem Driver” shortcut in the Application. We can use this tools to uninstall driver of AC682.

Note: ZTE AC682 Modem does not provide any Graphical User Interface (GUI), therefore, the dialer of MAC need to be used to get internet connection. 

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